Top 10 Exchange Server Tools

I’m just listing down the Top 10 Exchange Tools: Exchange Mailbox Server Role Requirements Calculator – Provides output on your storage configuration as well as backup and replication requirements. Exchange Remote Connectivity Analyzer (ExRCA) – This GREAT tool allows Exchange admins the ability to validate their Client Access Service configurations (EWS, Outlook Anywhere, ActiveSync.) and SMTP functionality … Continue reading “Top 10 Exchange Server Tools”

Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer v1.4 TheExchange Remote Connectivity Analyzer tool is being updated! List of the changes in this release: •        A new CAPTCHA service. •        The challenge is NOT case sensitive, so it doesn’t matter if you type upper or lower case letters. •        The CAPTCHA challenges will not include hard to distinguish letters/numbers. For example 2 … Continue reading “Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer v1.4”