Windows Server 2012 GUI went missing after removing features

Today morning I have come across an issue with one of the Windows 2012 machine of my client. The GUI went missing after removing ASP.NET 4.5 and a restart after that. The only thing I can see was the command prompt and the mouse cursor. I have researched on various ways to recover the situation […]

Re-awarded as Microsoft MVP for the 4th time

Happy to inform that I have been re-awarded as Microsoft MVP for Exchange Server today for the 4th time Thanks all for the wonderful support. See the announcement details here: South Asia Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Award See my MVP Profile details also: Most Valuable Professional    

Block Syncing of Personal Phone Contacts in GAL through Social Connector

I have received a question on Exchange 2013 about the syncing of personal contacts in Outlook on GAL. For example, a user that has their own personal iPhone contact were uploaded to GAL. Obviously, a lot of users don’t like that (having their personal contacts loaded into the company directory). During the research on ‘How […]

Rebuild the Full-Text Index Catalog of Exchange Database

Recently, I have noticed one issue showing ‘Database Content Index State: FailedAndSuspended’.  Error details: Microsoft.Exchange.Search.Core.Abstraction.OperationFailedException: The component operation has failed. —> Microsoft.Exchange.Search.Core.Abstraction.CatalogReseedException: The component operation has failed. at Microsoft.Exchange.Search.Engine.SearchFeedingController.DetermineFeederState() at Microsoft.Exchange.Search.Engine.SearchFeedingController.InternalExecutionStart() at Microsoft.Exchange.Search.Core.Common.Executable.InternalExecutionStart(Object state)   ResetSearchIndex.ps1helped me to resolve the issue and I would like to describe the steps followed to help you out also. […]

Virtual Directories: Exchange 2013 (The Microsoft MVP Award Program Blog)

I would like to share the recent article on mine published on The Microsoft MVP Award Program Blog: Virtual Directories: Exchange 2013                                 Also see my previous post in Microsoft MVP Award Program Blog: Use Digital IDs (Certificates) to prove your identity […]

‘Single Global Namespace Support’ in Exchange 2013

Datacenter switchover in Exchange 2010 are operationally complex because recovery of mailbox data (DAG) and client access (namespace) are tied together there. So if you lose all or a significant portion of your CAS, or the VIP for the array, or a significant portion of your DAG, you were in a situation where you needed […]

Lagged Mailbox Database Copy-Exchange 2013 Enhancements

A Lagged Mailbox Database Copy is a mailbox database copy configured with a replay lag time value greater than 0. A lagged database copy is one that is not updated by replaying transactions as they become available. Instead, the transaction logs are kept for a certain period and are then replayed. The lagged database copy is […]

Surviving Disaster: Building Site Resiliency for Exchange 2013

Hi, I am sharing my recent webinar slides conducted in association with KEMP [gview file=”” height=”500px” width=”500px” save=”1″]

Exchange 2013 Server Role Architecture

Exchange 2013 Server Role Architecture Find the Exchange 2013 Server Role Architecture overview published at ‘Exchange Team Blog’ #MSExchange #architecture