Office 365

Create Hierarchical Address Books in Office 365

The hierarchical address book (HAB) The hierarchical address book (HAB) is a feature in Microsoft Exchange Server 2013, Exchange Online (Office 365) and Microsoft Outlook that enables end users to browse for recipients in their Exchange organization using an organizational hierarchy. In most Exchange deployments, users are limited to the default global address list (GAL) and […]

Exchange Online Free/Busy federation between two Office 365 tenants

I have recently tried to establish the GAL Federation between two of my Office 365 Exchange Online tenants to share the Free busy Availability between those domains. I have used the domains and the free one 1) Connect to Exchange Online through PowerShell as an administrator user on one of the domain ( 2) Find […]

Common mailbox / folder sharing scenarios Guided Walkthroughs

Microsoft has published certain Guided Walkthroughs helpful for us when working with Exchange, Outlook, Office 365 (o365) etc. to set up mailbox, calendar etc. Very helpful in learning and troubleshooting instances: Following are the guided walkthroughs available: Sharing calendar and contacts in Office 365 Setting up a mailbox that multiple users can access and use […]

Exchange 2013 with Outlook 2013-Force OAB Generation

In all previous Exchange releases, OAB generation was bound to a specific Exchange server. The disadvantage with this approach was that only one server was configured for OAB generation, and it was a single point of failure. In Exchange 2013, the OAB is generated by each Exchange 2013 Mailbox server(s) that hosts a special type of […]

How to remove the default domain from Exchange Online (Office 365)

I have studied a lesson recently when I try to remove the default domain from my Office 365 Account. The error displayed as a popup: “Can’t remove the Default Domain” Following are the procedures I followed: Microsoft Online Services: Admin->Domains Select the domain name which you want to remove and click ‘Remove’ Conform the operation […]

Exchange Online Administrative Tasks

I have started using Exchange Online recently in a good stretch and found as managing the environment doesn’t involves hardware and operating system part (Thnaks Microsoft) and the efforts are involved at other administrative tasks. When I gone through web research on the common adminisrative efforts to manage Office 365’s Exchange Online, found as almost all […]

How to Connect to Exchange Online (Office 365) from Windows PowerShell

I’m presenting simple steps to follow to connect to your cloud based Exchange Online organization as the part of Office 365 from Windows Powershell 1. Install Windows PowerShell and Windows Remote Management (WinRM) on your computer (Windows 7 is already equiped with the features) 2. Open Windows Powershell (Run as Administrator) and run the following […]