1. Check host (A) record for your domain that points to the server hosting autodiscovery.

Run nslookup autodiscover.mydomain.com
Server: name.mydomain.com
Address: X.X.X.X
Name: autodiscover.mydoamin.com
Address: X.X.X.X

2. Access your autodiscovery service using a web browser.

The URL you should use is :

http://autodiscover.<your domain>/autodiscover/autodiscover.xml

You should receive some XML with an error in it, as shown below, and that’s correct. If you don’t get XML, you need to troubleshoot your discovery service in Exchange.


  1. That works only if your CAS will respond to being recreenfed by the root domain, more often then not the root domain will be associated with the company website. Technically it can be done, but it’s easier (and might be a best practice) to point it to the actual DNS of the CAS server instead of worrying about forwarding those request from the server hosting your company website to your CAS.


    • Great Info !!!


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